Monday, October 16, 2006

Lovely Mushrooms

Classy things these, check out the wiki for some more information.
Apparemtly you have to dry these in the oven before you use them for anything *ahem* otherwise you'll be ending up in hospital! :D Posted by Picasa

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Rurikid said...

Hello! Nice photos, you obviously love nature and spend a lot of time in it. I am one of your fellow victims of that spammer who posts dozens of spam trackbacks every day on my blog (Le Thé Chez Vierotchka where, among loads of other things, there is some of my photography and my digital artwork)... I have to spend a lot of time daily to find and delete them, which is both tedious and painful because of my handicaps (osteo-arthritis and neuropathy in my hands). I have already notified Blogger about this, twice, sending them the list of his phony blogs to which his spam trackbacks lead. Here is the link for reporting this asshole's spamming: Blogger help. The more people who report him the more likely Blogger will do something about it.

Take care, and don't eat too many shrooms!


Rurikid (Vierotchka)